About Skymax Security CEO

President/CEO for Skymax Security Group, Inc. had some of his college education in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece, Europe. While pursuing completion of his education in New York City, he worked full-time in security and patrol field for many years. After years of cumulative experience in security management, he co-founded Astro Security Services in 1995 and five years later he established Skymax Security Services, Inc. In 2005, Skymax Security Group, Inc. was licensed and incorporated in Cary, North Carolina. As a proud and hard working U.S. Citizen, he keeps his dream alive by utilizing all his years of experience and expertise protecting peoples' lives, safeguarding properties and other valuable assets.

The common factors in pushing the business forward are;
(1) PASSION - protecting lives and safeguarding properties.
(2) DEDICATION - a keen sense of timing and delivering superior value to his clients.
(3) BELIEF - sound management practice.

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