Training Information

Skymax Security Group gives high premium on training. We created distinct training program which introduce our employees to the necessary aspects of the security profession that help them provide quality security services to clients. Our Security personnel undergo a well rounded and thorough training in all aspects of security work before they are given assignments. To ensure quality service and adherence to our values and principles, our training is conducted by experienced personnel. A specialized training is done based on the requirements of clients. No Security Officer is given a post without having gone through the agency's training program. Likewise, the required government license to practice the profession is a must to have before anyone is allowed to work. In addition to the pre-posting training, we provide a continuous and periodic training program for all Skymax Security Officers. Clients, however, have the prerogative to adopt and recommend a training module which is tailored-fit to their requirements.

Skymax security personnel are also given training in C.P.R. and Basic First-Aid. Our management believes that these skills are part of providing excellent protection to our clients at all time. Our training techniques include but not limited to:
Class Room Lecture                            On-Site Training
Use of Video Films                               Simulation Exercises
Discussion Amongst Trainees       Situation Test Exercises
Use of Over Head Projection

Extra Emphasis is Laid on:
Fire Fighting Drill       Physical Private Security
Public Relations          Patrol Techniques
Teamwork                      Professional Attitude
First Aids/CPR            Safety Procedure

Training Programs:
Orientation (For New Employees)
On-Site Training
Self Study Program
Leadership Program

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